Take part in a UCLA research study for new moms. You can help us learn more about mood changes, risk factors for mental health problems and response to treatment among new moms.

Who can take part

Women who are between Week 28 of their pregnancy and 6 months postpartum and who receive care at a UCLA OBGYN clinic. Other eligibility criteria

  • Currently experiencing depressive symptoms.
  • Not currently receiving individual treatment by a therapist or psychiatrist.

What to expect during the study

If you elect to take part in the research study you will be randomly assigned* to one of two conditions:

  1. Perinatal Psychiatric Care - psychiatric medication management
  2. Screening & Treatment for Anxiety & Depression (STAND)
    1. Online therapy with coaching – self-paced online programs covering coping skills, including appointments with a trained coach
    2. Clinical care – weekly therapy and psychiatric medication management, if needed

Treatments will cover up to 6 months after study enrollment. You may be referred to more services through community providers if needed.

*Treatment conditions are determined automatically. Participants do not have the option of choosing the condition.

In addition to receiving treatment, you will:

  • Complete a brief symptom survey (Mental Health Tracker) online every (other) week
  • Complete longer online assessments at study start, and at 4, 13 and 26 weeks after study start

What compensation/costs come with the study

Participants will receive up to $110 for completing tracking assessments. Clinical services might be billed through insurance.

How to learn more

Please, read the informed consent for this study. You will be required to sign this informed consent if you decide to participate.

How to enroll

Complete the contact form below to determine if you are eligible to enroll. If you would like to speak with us first, we can be reached by phone at (213) 776-2079 or by e-mail at itn@mednet.ucla.edu.

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Note: By completing this form, you provide your consent to receive communication regarding the study to you via phone, texting or e-mail. Texting and email are not secure communication methods as unencrypted messages could be intercepted, which may result in loss of confidentiality. The study team will use the minimum amount of information in these communications to help maintain your privacy.

Protocol ID: IRB#20-001924
UCLA IRB Approved
Approval Date: 12/16/2021
Committee: Medical IRB 3